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The Well Played Podcast

A constellation of working conversations with Well Played Creative friends and collaborators. Play, creativity, work culture, vocational callings, the arts, grief, embodiment, and other topics. 

How Can We Play at a Time Like This?

A peek inside the book-in-progress! Meet Amy Burtaine and Sarah Donnell, be a fly on the wall of their Zoom room, get introductions against a backdrop with a quaint under-construction feel.

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Making Life as an Artist: Transferrable Skills, Vocation, and Well-Roundedness

Amanda Downie is a writer, actor, producer, and mother who has worked all over the production landscape. These days she applies her creativity in the corporate world. Sarah picks her brain about living life as such a well-rounded badass.

Embodying Spirit and Silliness

With progressive Christian writer, chaplain, and thinker, Laura Jean Truman, the conversation can easily dance between the church sanctuary and the acting classroom. Here, Laura Jean and Sarah ask each other questions that explore the relationship between spirit and the body and how we engage (or don't engage) with the overlap.

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What's the Connection Between Grief and Play?

Another unpolished dip into a book-in-progress work session. Recorded the day after the news about the school shooting in Uvalde, Sarah and Amy continue their musings about how to pursue and define a useful concept of play. 

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