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About Sarah Donnell

Sarah Donnell is a public presence, presentation skills, and leadership coach; a facilitator; and an ordained interfaith chaplain. She is a certified yoga instructor, an acting teacher, and a multi-disciplinary writer and communications professional. She has performed on stages from New York City to Madrid, helped adults who could not write a complete sentence go on to pen their life stories, and has connected hundreds of students and coaching clients to greater confidence in and awareness of their own unique gifts.

As a speaker and facilitator, Sarah specializes in addressing uncomfortable topics. She brings groups—large and small—through difficult transitions by helping them tap into a spirit of authenticity, playful experimentation, and creativity. Whether in a corporate training, an acting studio, at a wedding ceremony, or at the bedside of the dying, Sarah knows how to listen and respond to what’s happening beneath the words being spoken.

Sarah has been a professional working in arts for social change for almost two decades. She founded Well Played Creative with her husband, Nas, in 2020 as a means of bringing these multifaceted endeavors together with intention.

Read more about Sarah as a coach here, as a facilitator here, as a chaplain here, or as a theatre artist here.  

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