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Interfaith Spiritual Care and Ritual 


Hi there, 

I'm Reverend Sarah Donnell, ordained interfaith chaplain and officiant.

As an artist and educator, I felt I was unofficially doing spiritual work long before I figured out how to get myself to seminary. Once I did, my multireligious education at Starr King School for the Ministry, the interfaith Chaplaincy Institute, and the Training and Counseling Center at St. Luke's helped me deepen the roots of my own eclectic spirituality as well as expanding my toolbox for holding space for others.


It can be tricky to find trustworthy spiritual assistance if you don't belong to a religious institution, but an interfaith chaplain can fill a lot of gaps and meet you where you are.

What's a chaplain? 

The shortest answer is that a chaplain is a spiritual care professional who works in secular places. Hospitals are required to have chaplains on site; chaplains are frequently also found on staff in places like universities, prisons, longterm care facilities, and sometimes even at airports or big corporations. 


But while many chaplains are attached to a particular faith and a particular institution, I'm a little bit more of range chaplain. 

Whether you're planning a celebratory ceremony or working your way through a dark night of the soul, it would be my honor to offer appropriate support and presence. 

Sarah Donnell, Interfaith Chaplain and Officiant, Photo Courtesy of Anna Carson DeWitt

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