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Devised Theatre in the Triangle

A lot of theatre-making starts with one guy writing a script on his own before he takes it to another guy to choose actors and tell them what to do as a director. But what happens when we empower performers to start from scratch and create on the go in collaborative, generative processes?


New works of visionary theatre born from collective practice–agile and responsive to the stories and needs of our communities. 

Book the Troupe

Order a custom performance or experience

Are you organizing a community event, a workshop, a training, an opening, a party, a festival, a concert, or something else that could benefit from a live theatrical element? The troupe can come to you! Let's chat about what we might be able to contribute to what you have going on. 

Join In

We're actively recruiting!

Are you an actor, a mover, a maker, a dreamer, a puppeteer, a musician, a thinker, a healer, or a feeler who is willing to have a little metaphorical dance with the unknown? Come play and see how you like us and what we're up to. This is not a typical audition–it's a mutual vibe and alignment check to see how we might all work together. 

Need to know more? 

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