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Interfaith Spiritual Care

Accompaniment for the journey

Our lives are made up of one transition after another on top of another; we grow, we change roles, we rise to the occasion, we struggle, we lose, we grieve, we age, and so does everyone around us. 

Sometimes we need a little help to stay in the flow, make it through, and find meaning in the midst of it all. 

Interfaith spiritual care is not about having a pastoral presence telling you how to handle your life or what to believe about anything that's happening. Rather, a trained chaplain should have a special way of listening, asking questions, and reflecting with you to help you connect to your unique path and meaning no matter your belief system or faith tradition--even if you have no faith at all. 

Hi there, 

I'm Sarah Donnell, interfaith chaplain. 

It has been my great honor to accompany people as a spiritual care professional through both joy and hardship . I've sat with folks on their deathbeds and I've counseled others as they've questioned their beliefs and tried new practices. How is your spirit today? How is the divine moving in your life? How are you moving with it? If you want an accepting and curious companion to help you feel through the great mystery, I'm here for it. 

Want to see if we'd be a good fit? 

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