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Music Lessons

Start a Lifelong Relationship with Music

Learning how to play an instrument is more than just improving coordination and decoding musical notation. It's a way to engage with a universal human language. We shift from being consumers of music to being active participants who can make music. We listen differently, get inside songs, and develop our own emotional lives. Practicing an instrument, we learn about how we learn and how we practice anything. We learn to believe in ourselves; just because we can't do something yet doesn't mean we can't ever do it. 

For these reasons and more, it's important that your learning journey be enjoyable and sustainable. Our music lessons provide personalized guidance and accompaniment that will challenge and encourage any learner. 

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Hi, I'm Nas Abbas...

I have a deep love and passion for playing and teaching music of all kinds and want to help you fall in love with playing music too! Not only will you be playing songs in no time, but you will be building a strong foundation of note reading, theory, ear training, improvisation, songwriting, technique, and more. Want to get started playing an instrument for the very first time? Want to learn how to play your favorite songs? Want to learn how to improvise solos, write songs of your own, and even record them? We can do all of that and more! Let's get started!

Jon D.

"Nas has been central to my musical journey, creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment that has empowered me to overcome many musical roadblocks and achieve my goals. He has the remarkable ability to connect with students of all ages and is deeply committed to providing a personalized education."

About the Instructor

About Nas

Cofounder of Well Played Creative Studios, Nas Abbas has been teaching music professionally for more than 5 years and has been playing and studying music himself for more than 20.

After co-writing and recording a pop-opera in high school, he attended UNC Chapel Hill, during which time he formed the band Lake Inferior and was signed to Vinyl Records. In addition to being lead singer/songwriter, Nas also took on primary instrumental and production roles as the band released two EPs, toured, and opened for groups such as Barenaked Ladies, Deerhunter, and Future Islands. 


Since Lake Inferior's dissolution in 2010, Nas has released music through his solo project Field Spirit and played drums and piano for R&B act XOXOK. Nas has played shows in venues across the East Coast including Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, Pianos in NYC, Cats Cradle in Carrboro, and the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. During the pandemic lockdown, he streamed home concerts online and made it to the front page of Reddit. ​

Nas doesn't believe any music should be considered a "guilty" pleasure. His vast musical influences range from jazz to pop punk to hip hop to bluegrass to Brit pop to indie rock to folk to classic rock & roll. If the game is Beatles trivia, you definitely want to be on his team.

He is currently in the process of recording a new full length album in the Well Played Creative Studio. 

Select Qualifications

2018 - 2024


The Music Studio Atlanta

Taught piano, guitar, and drums in studio, online, and in students' homes through one of Atlanta's oldest and most respected music studios.

2011 - 2018


I.E.S. Humanejos &

Alamance Community College

Though not teaching music professionally during this time, Nas taught middle and high school students as well as adults in learning labs, ESL classrooms, and one-on-one. These years taught him to assess and adapt to the learning style of each individual student.

2006 - 2010

B.A. Communication Studies

UNC Chapel Hill

Focused in audio production and minored in music. Coursework included music theory, world music, beat making, as well as creating musical performances based on children's literature.  


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