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Play coach Sarah Donnell leads a workshop outdoors

Classes, Coaching, and Services for the Creative Spirit

We are a team of artist-educators who know that creativity and play are essential parts of a healthy, functional existence. Let us help you put them to work in your life.

Your work, your art, your life...well played.

Whether you're an executive, an artist, a spiritual seeker, or any mix of the in-between, we're ready to help you play to your strengths. Like you, this work is multidimensional.

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Okay, fine...but what's play got to do with anything? 

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Say you’re trying to learn a new instrument, solve a complex problem, form a cohesive team, navigate a sticky conflict, or answer the call of your soul, play is a tool you need in your toolbox. In fact, knowing how to play well might be one of the most essential skillsets for adapting and thriving in times of rapid change and uncertainty…times like ours.


At Well Played Creative, we understand play to be the embodied dance between what’s real now and what’s possible.


Play is an instinct many animals are born with, and humans are no exception! As we grow older, though, many of us are taught—implicitly and explicitly—that our survival depends on distancing ourselves from these instincts in order to be serious and logical. We tighten up, retreat into our heads, and narrow ourselves to only playing in certain company, under certain influences, at certain times, and for certain gains. Worse—some of us buy into the myth that play is a luxury that only other people can afford!


But play—like creativity, beauty, or expression—is a human right. It makes life worth living. It makes our work, our creation, our relationships, and our growth possible. How can tapping into your skills of play open up possibilities in your life? We’d love to accompany you as you find out.

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About Well Played Creative

Classes, coaching, and services for the creative spirit by Sarah Donnell and Nas Abbas. We are artist-educators empowering others through practical applications of music, embodiment, story, ritual, and play. 

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