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How Can We Play at a Time Like This?

A Book in Progress

Longtime collaborators, theatre-for-social-change practitioners and facilitators, Amy Burtaine and Sarah Donnell are teaming up to compile a best-practice guide for weaving functional play into our lives, work, and creative searching. One part inspirational text, two parts practical handbook, How Can We Play at a Time Like This makes the case and charts the course for reigniting our instincts that can find possibility in collaborating with the unknown.

Inside the Book...

  • An expansive description of the basic building blocks and elements of play

  • Prompts and practices to be applied alone or with others

  • Principles to invigorate gatherings and instigate collaboration and innovation

  • Activating questions to help assess the creative health of a group or process

  • Examples from playful professionals with decades of applied experience

  • Tools for artists, nonprofits, activists, seekers, executives, leaders, and others

Amy Burtaine smiles in a headshot

Amy Burtaine, MFA

Amy has been co-facilitating workshops, providing coaching and mediation, and educating through an anti-oppression lens for over 20 years. Most recently, she co-authored A Facilitator's Guide for White Affinity Groups with Robin DiAngelo, now available through Beacon Press. In addition to providing training on bias and systems of inequity, she offers training on team building, leadership, and creative collaboration.

Sarah Donnell smiling in a headshot

Rev. Sarah Donnell, MASC

Sarah is a theatre artist, coach, facilitator, interfaith chaplain, playwright, and published poet experienced in ushering the arts into unlikely settings. Her creative collaborations and roles as an untraditional educator have led her into connections with an array of industries and audiences--finding the common threads throughout. She holds a Master of Arts in Social Change. 

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